350.ORG coordinators for Europe ready to facilitate DIY Food events for 10/10/10

10/10/10 is the launch date for DIY Food, which is a campaign to make a big impact with Sola Roof DIY during the months leading up to 11/11/11 when I have set the goal to have 350 sites around the globe celebrating success with DIY Food. I will be at Schumacher College on 10/10/10 with Bill Watts to participate in a "Work Party" that will lead the DIY Food discussion. (Schumacher has formally committed to host and support a Sola Roof center for education and skills training) There will be DIY Food sites operational in Canada (Ross Elliott) and Poland (by Ali). Arcosanti will have a DIY Food event in America. We could have a DIY Food discussion at the 350.ORG event in Oslo, which Bruce could lead in the context his collaboration with FOKUS. I wonder Rita if we can have a DIY Food event in the Far East since you will be there and Edgar might make an introduction in Holland. Through Kelly Blynn <kelly@350.org> at the USA head office I have been offered support by the EU coordinators for 350.ORG, Diana Vogtel <diana@350.org> and Jeremy Osborn <jeremy@350.org> who will help us with introductions and coordination to get a buz going about DIY Food.The time is short but we can work right up to the 10/10/10 date because this is grassroots action and not a formal top-down organization. Every effort is good and can create a ripple that becomes a wave over the coming months as we approach 11/11/11.