Hi Michael, I have come across dreamfish.com recently and I think I can get involved there and ask this community to assist with our DIY Food Challenge - "grow your own food" (see Google Doc Presentation) that I want to launch on 10/10/10 as a participation in the day of global events for Climate Change awareness by 350.ORG.

DIY takes the hacker ethic to domains outside of software, where we need to break things down and find the replicable technology fix for essential human needs so people can get back to looking after themselves. Nothing is more essential than food and DIY Food is accessible Open Source solutions to grow your own. Sola Roof is enabling technology - continuous growing, year-around, all-season, low-energy, low-tech, high-science, ecological life support. DIY Food produces nutritious, safe and non-toxic, local food in abundance and also generates pure water and clean energy in the "backyard" - this is radical and will breakdown exploitive patterns.

The DIY Food hackers and pioneers need to use Open Source social medium for DIY collaboration, support for live information sharing (wiki) and collaboration & communication technology that supports both Global to Local and Local to Global community development. Dreamfish is a beginning and if you and a few friends could combine efforts with them and Sola Roof to launch DIY Food as a global cooperative (business enterprise) and collaborative social cause then I am confident that we would see a viral, exponential expansion of DIY Food that would "make a difference for the planet" and for people everywhere.