Dear Slow Money team,

I would very much like to present my DIY Food campaign at your national event coming up at Shelburne Farm, Vermont on June 9 to 11, 2010.

My goal is to build a Sola Roof community of DI Yers who use my inventions and innovations that are accessible to all under a Creative Commons Public License for purpose of "grow your own" food. Under the Sola Roof brand I intend to establish a Pay It Forward campaign that calls on the global Sola Roof Community to voluntarily support the planting of DIY Food projects in communities destroyed by poverty and disaster. I also call on the commercial users who use the Sola Roof brand and supply the Sola Roof Community with DIY Kit to make a commitment to participate in the DIY Food Challenge to contribute 1% to the humanitarian Pay It Forward campaign.

This Sola Roof initiative will launch this summer and I want to team up with suppliers who can provide a DIY Kit to our members and to find the pioneers among the Sola Roof DIY members who would like to build projects this summer. Each of these projects could be a candidate for Slow Money investors to assist where there is need for financial support to an individual DIY Food project. - Sola Roof Guy