I am in the "Bright Green" camp who see the climate change challenge as a positive opportunity to grow and evolve and adopt new values and lifestyle that will be more exciting and enriching than the current global consumer lifestyle that is now exhausting the planets resources. I have confidence that a grassroots led movement for transformation at personal (family) and community level will bring about sustainable abundance of all our "quality of life" resources and there will be global convergence on patterns for "Eco Living" that assures growth that is clean and green and can result in a prosperous and peaceful life for all people. Our critical work as we pioneer and implement our carbon negative living solutions is to dedicate significant resources to healing the damage done to the planetary ecology and restoring biodiversity and healthy soils, while eliminating toxic, destructive and high risk technology from our lives.

My work with Sola Roof technology is a key to enable dwellings and the urban environment to widely adopt the Eco Dynamic design paradigm. I have much experience with the power of this holistic method of working with nature to be totally convinced that we can, within the limits of our own homes and communities, greatly enhance the local production of organic, nutritive food, pure water and clean energy in quantity and quality that assures social justice and the environment for each person to realize their full potential in the future.

You could conclude from the above that I am an optimist. However, I do anticipate that we will find our way to this better world only by working our way through global crisis and ordeals that cannot now be averted. I believe that each individual will be challenged to adapt and to become a part of the solution, or else be faced with potentially devastating consequences.

- Sola Roof Guy