Richard, I was searching old posts and saw that you had mentioned using the glass tubes used in fluorescent bulbs as tubing for phytoreactors. Any idea who would sell such materials? Obviously recycling old fluorescents would be a troublesome task, so new uncoated tubes would be what I'm going for.

25 cm snow yesterday in New Hampshire, ridiculous.


Wow, only the die hard skiers will be laughing. What I was referring to was the system (one of the best and therefore not available ;-)) of vaccum tube collectors that have been used and would be low cost if produced in volume because they are similar to the flourescent lamp tubing. This is a system to produce hot water very efficiently. Ross Elliot would have some experience with these type of systems. GE and Phillips Electric would be large suppliers.

Perhaps they could be used for photobioreactors as well. I would also check for availability of plastic cylindars - perhaps in Polycarbonate material, which would be very tough. I am not following this line of development, which is similar to the GreenFuel Technologies approach.