I call attention to the the SolaRoof Entry at the "Affordable Housing" competition at Changemakers, which is an initiative of Ashoka.

I invite everyone interested in Sola Roof to have a look at this proposal for application of Sola Roof methods to the creation of Affordable Housing - and even more important, the creation of Ecological Habitat for Humanity that will provide solutions for sustainable living.

Please consider leaving a comment on our the SolaRoof Entry page (at the bottom), which will then also (automatically) be posted to the competition discussion forum. Please feel free to also answer questions or comment on other comments. There are many very excellent entries to look at - so enjoy browsing.

I also want to acknowledge the collaboration of AnneWistad? and JeffBuderer and input from many others in the writing of the Sola Roof entry. Thanks to all of you!