Thanks to Chris Watkins who sent in this suggestion by email:

Hi Rick,

There's some great stuff on the Sola Roof wiki. I couldn't find a community discussion page, for posing questions, sharing info - is there such a page? (I'm used to Media Wiki?, so I might have missed something).

I'm mainly contributing at Appropedia, as well as Wikipedia. There's clearly a lot of synergy, and I wonder what you think about the idea of encouraging wikis on these kind of subjects to team up and create a larger, more dynamic community of editors?

Cheers Chris

Reply: I have set up this group Wiki Blog feature so that anyone can make a comment or ask a question and they will be listed on the right column and accessible using the calendar going back through the months or by Recent Changes - by looking at the numbered names for pages (which will be Blog pages). This is a bit crude but at least we have a tool to begin with. More help with the programing development of our wiki is still a big priority. Anyone out there to help?