Our Team

  • Solaroofguy - I would like to work on your Greenhouse Projects and look at how Eco Sphere could apply to the Urban Base? developments.
  • David Braden - This is cool too. The greenhouse I had in mind incorporated raising chickens & vegetables, raising worms in the chicken waste, feeding the worms to the chickens, using the worm castings to raise vegetables, sprouting locally collected seeds to feed the chickens, etc. I always assumed I would need a super insulated north roof & wall and double glazing on the south roof & wall to avoid having to heat it. It sounds like the bubble technology would work better and be cheaper. As to the Urban Base?, if the Self Help Corp rented a "strip-mall" type facility, could you put a Solaroof on top & raise fresh vegetables for the restaurant? - algal-diesel? Of course, the first step is to find the people willing to work for shares and the start up capital. I keep hoping I will run across someone who already has those connections but I may need to start actively looking. Thanks for your help.