Richard Nelson

My nick name here at the Sola Roof Wiki is Sola Roof Guy and so I am not that actively using my "real name" - however, I thought that it a good idea to establish a Profiles Page under my name to help others to connect with me and perhaps avoid some confusion. I am the inventor of the Sola Roof technology and more personal history and background is found here.

I have founded this community for open collaborative development of the Sola Roof technology under our Creative Commons Public License, and to encourage the non-commercial personal use of Sola Roof as well as open and free research and development, with the obligation of Attribution and Share-Alike for all such use. Commercial use of Sola Roof has the same requirements and conditions as the non-commercial use and additionally, the commercial use requires registration and approval by Sola Roof and an further obligation for meeting the minimum requirement of a 1% Pay It Forward contribution to humanitarian projects that are Grass Roots initiatives to end hunger, bad water and build community prosperity where poverty exists.

The first commercial use that is approved for general adoption everywhere is the grassroots replication of the POD solution for local, regenerative food/water/energy. The commercial supply of the POD is generally permitted by chapters of the Sola Roof Coop, which we encourage to bubble up all over the world, supported by a network of social enterprise (see: SE Net) This POD design as a POD Kit, with support and services will be delivered locally by the POD Works hubs - many of these groups are now coming together.

Most of my time and energy is going to support of the COOP movement that I envision, while my personal business activity in all things related to Sola Roof is primarily focused on my participation in a Norwegian technology company, KRXTAL Technologies AS, and the R&D division called Life Synthesis. We are now growing an exciting business in the EU with a significant Public Private Partnership that has attracted funding from the Eco Innovation program of the EU and also with Norwegian government funding support.

I am expending much of my available time working with Richard Hogan in support of founding a POD Works Hub at Greenfire Farm in Athens Ohio. I am sometimes found at "home" in Montreal.