Ohio Gardener

OK, I am very confused about how to use this site. I am excited about the prospect of building a self sufficient solar heated bubble greenhouse in my back yard here in Ohio USA, zone 5A. The cost to heat a greenhouse here is not practical, so this bubble concept really got my attention. I wonder if the reason there is such a low level of participation here is because it is not a real easy system to use and learn (Wiki). I was hoping to find something resembling plans with dimensions, specs etc. and feedback from others who have already employed these technologies. Most of the info I have found seems very dated and incomplete so far as any follow up info on how the projects performed. Please do not take my frustrations as criticisms, and hopefully someone will point me in the right direction. I welcome all feedback and suggestions, feel free to post on my page.

Hi, and welcome to the solaroof wiki! Forgive me for not getting involved with your initiative before now. So, I hope that I can help and I will provide some feedback on your questions. First of all to confirm that you are more than welcome to use this wiki and to share DIY experience with others here. That is the purpose and I don't know why people think it is difficult - it is much like email and such and you cannot do any harm at all to the wiki - it is a robust software and everyone can give it a try. We do expect to have a more friendly web portal soon that will use additional opensource social software.

Thanks for participating and I will get back to some of your other pages with input - the Tunnel type solaroof project is very important and perhaps we are ready to move things forward with a kit system that can be replicated widely by our DIY community. The timing is definitely good with the global crisis becoming apparent to most people at this point. - Sola Roof Guy