Hi Lucas,

If you see this I hope that we can pick up on the suggestion that you posted on Andres Log, where you said:

Translation into Spanish
Rick replied to my offer to translate some page you consider important into Spanish.
Then I can link from into this translation, and maybe you'll have visitors from Spanish speaking countries!(this link is great - thanks!)
Just tell me which page!

I do need help with the Almeria Project. Please take content from any page from the Sola Roof Wiki and create a similar or reworked page in the Almeria Project subwiki. Especially to get across the basic concepts of Liquid Solar and Bubble Tech. Completely new pages are welcome - but since I don't read Spanish I would ask you, Andres and others to keep an eye on recent changes (the subwiki has its own recent changes) to see that the content remains on topic and to watch for vandalism. It would be interesting to see if there is less trouble with vanadals in the Spanish language.