Tsunami Relief Report

NB - Tsunami Relief no longer has anything to do with Solaroof, Life Synthesis or Rick Nelson.

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PERIOD: 26 DEC. 2004 14 JAN 2005

  • Immediate Relief
    • Food Items:
      Cooked meals were distributed in some areas in the first 2 days
      Dry ration distributed through Mosque/Church administrations, welfare camps and government officials (Rs. 3 million)
    • Infant Milk/ Milk Bottles/ Mosquito nets ( Rs. 1 million )
    • Medicines: Medicines were distributed through Medical Camps and Hospitals ( Rs.2.5 million)
    • Medical Teams ( 10 medical teams treated thousands of victims in various areas)
    • Counseling ( 18 doctors and counselors engaged in counselling the traumatized tsunami victims in various parts of the island)
    • The counselors distributed 5000 units of toys among the traumatized kids
  • Rehabilitation
    • Clearing Debris
    • Disinfections ( Rs.1.5 million worth materials for disinfection used in phase 1, and phase 11 is to start soon in the Tricomalee District)
    • Counseling ( Training the trainers courses are being conducted for volunteers in the affected areas
    • Cleaning the usable houses (We have employed volunteers to help the tsunami victims to get back to their homes if they are not completely demolished but usable. Such 1000 families were resettled)
    • Reinstalling displaced in cleaned houses
    • Providing temporary shelter in tents for widows, regnant mothers and families with more children like grown up girls. ( 1500 tents are expected to reach within few days)
    • Providing basic utensils( household items for 2500 families)
    • Protecting orphans (we have taken necessary steps to protect the orphans from pedophiles and child abusers by alerting the local authorities, and people.)
    • Providing small children parks at tent villages and camps ( planning)
  • Recovery
    • Support for restarting rural industries like pottery, carpentry/masons and bootics ( Already selected 10 families to start pottery industry in Mutur/Trincomalee)
    • Support for reselling business
    • Support for restating fishing industry
    • Protecting the orphans ( working with Orphanages and the Government to foster and shelter the orphans by supporting the relatives who cares the orphans
    • Supporting widows to observe iddhah
    • Supporting the widows to get marry soon after the completion of Iddhah
    • Support victims rebuild houses
    • Building 10 model villages of 50-100 houses with all facilities ( Hambantota, Ampara, Trincomalee and Kilinochchi)
    • Building 20 nurseries
    • Setting up of 10 children parks
    • Setting up 02 technical/vocational training projects in the East (Ampara/Trincomale)
    • Building semi-permanent health center in Kinniya since the Kinniya District hospital is completely destroyed and the temporary arrangement is not enough.


HUMAN CARE FOUNDATION has decided to concentrate on two major areas in this stage.

  1. Building Lifeline:
    Help the victims to get back on their feet. A comprehensive sector vise project proposals are being prepared by experts.
  2. Providing temporary and permanent shelter:
    Three types of shelters are proposed by HCF, Project proposals are ready.
  • Strengths
    • Managed by renown academicians and professionals
    • Having district coordinators and volunteers at grass root level
    • Having partner organizations at grass-root level
    • Closely working in coordination and consultancy with Government Agencies
    • Having close relationship with other NG Os?. Regular participant in 2 coordinating committees of around 80 NG Os?
    • Image among foreign diplomats (Muslim and non Muslim)
    • International community has recognized HCF as a humanitarian intervention organization
  • Administrative Network for Tsunami Relief

Head Office in Colombo

Seven Regional Offices (Island wide)

  1. Galle
  2. Hambanthota - in Southern Sri Lanka
  3. Kalmunai
  4. Maruthamunai
  5. Eravur - in South Eastern Sri Lanka
  6. Kinniya
  7. Mutur - in North Eastern Sri Lanka

Collaboration with International Humanitarian Agencies

  • International Humanitarian Relief Organization, Germany
  • Milli Gorus - Holland
  • Human Appeal International UAE
  • Al-Eslah Society Bahrain
  • Global Peace, Malaysia
  • Islamic Relief UK