Human Care Foundation

Human Care Foundation

Peace and Development through Human Care


Human Care Foundation (HCF) is an incorporated non-profit entity that was established in 2003 as a result of a long-felt need in the Sri Lankan community.

HCF aims to alleviate human suffering caused by poverty, ignorance & natural disasters and improve the quality of life of the people by providing education, health care and promoting human rights, preservation of environment and income generation programmes. HCF works both in urban and rural areas and adopts participatory approach to identify problems, their causes and solutions in designing and implementing the projects.

The Foundation aims to pool the human and financial resources available and utilize them in an efficient way to maximize the outcome in order to materialize its objectives. In the present context HCF has dedicated all its resources to encounter the challenges caused by destructive tsunami that brought an immeasurable amount of sorrow and misfortune to the pearl of the Indian Ocean.


1) To establish, maintain and carry out the work of a Non-Government Agency with the view of working towards improving the quality of life in Sri Lanka.

2) To assist in the eradication of poverty in Sri Lanka and to take all steps and carry out any and all programmes or activities towards this end.

3) To set in motion machinery and processes for the empowerment of the under-privileged by way of facilitating the development of their resources through the provision of education, training, health care, entrepreneurial development, sports facilities and physical training.

4) To facilitate skills training, vocational training and self-development programs to under privileged persons with a view to developing their potential and equipping them for employment and/or entrepreneurship.

5) To facilitate in the provision of infrastructure essential for the socio-economic development of the rural sector.

6) To provide infra-structure facilities including but not limited to drinking water, health, hygiene, communications, electrification, roadways, etc. and socio-economic development facilities to the rural sectors of Sri Lanka.

7) To establish, maintain and carry out programmes for the provision of relief to disadvantaged sections of the population and to work towards rebuilding their lives and securing their place in the fabric of society.

8) To work towards enhancing ethnic harmony in the country and to take all such steps as may be necessary and desirable to promote it.

9) To engage, promote and contribute towards the upliftment of the cultural values of the society in order to preserve cultural heritage of the different communities of Sri Lanka.

10) To work for the promotion of and to safeguard the guaranteed rights of the people by the national and international mechanisms in order to achieve the objects set out herein.

11) To plan, organize and implement through grants and gifts from firms, groups, individuals, external agencies or income generated by the association itself, activities that will benefit Sri Lankan community.

12) To contribute to preserve the natural environment including but not limited to the forests, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, waterways, marshes and wetlands, flora, fauna, wildlife, cultural and ancient sites, minerals, landscapes, coastal belt, natural resources, hills and quality of air of Sri Lanka in co-operation with other Agencies involved in such work.


  • Relief, Rehabilitation & Reconstruction
  • Promotion and Protection of Human Rights
  • Income Generation Projects
  • Skill Development Programs
  • Empowering Vulnerable Segments of the Society : Women and Aged
  • Protecting the Children
  • Protection and Conservation of the Environment


  1. The main strength of HCF is derived from the nationwide network that enjoys through the relationship built with mainstream grass root social organizations.
  2. More than 1500 volunteer force from grass root to higher controlled by five regional level supporting centers ready to be mobilized instantly.
  3. Efficient coordination and corporation with governmental and nongovernmental organizations.


Chairman Dr. Mohamed Ali Mohamed Shukri Ph.D (Director, Jamiah Naleemiah University of Sri Lanka.)

Secretary General Mr. Mohamed Hilmy Sulaiman Management Consultant (Joint Managing Director, Rainco Umbrella Pvt. Ltd.)

Secretary Mr. Mohamed Saly Mohamed Faris, - Attorney at Law (Practitioner)

Director Mr. Mohamed Sharief Mohamed Wazeer, (Retired Accountant)

Director Mr. Mohamed Riyal Mohamed Salman Attorney at Law (Practitioner)

Director Dr. Mohamed Cassim Mohamed Mahees Lecturer, Indigenous Medical College, University of Colombo

Director Maqbool Janeefar IT Professional / Lecturer, University of Colombo

BANKERS: Commercial Bank of Sri Lanka, Nawalapitiya Branch, Sri Lanka Account Name: Human Care Foundation Account No: 189 000 5775 SWIFT CODE: CCEYLKLX

AUDITORS RJ Associates, 10, Davidson road, Colombo 04

COMPANY SECRETARIES Earnest Law Chambers, 30 1/1, Wilson Street., Colombo 12


07,De Alwis Place Dehiwela Sri Lanka

Telephone: 0094 11 4215570 Fax: 0094 11 4215570

Mobile: 0094 077 412403

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