ISEB International School For Ethical Business

ISEB International School For Ethical Business

Hi! I am Ray Murray, co-founder of the International School for Ethical Business, which is based in Gergal, Almeria, Spain.

Our work enables individuals, groups, organisations and communities learn and apply the principles of:

  • Ethical Business
  • Humane Being
  • Sustainable Living

This is in service of facilitating a shift towards:

  • Prosperity for All
  • Peace for All
  • Planetary Integration for All

Which may occur, little by little, using business as a benign tool, by experientially raising awareness and activity regarding:

  • Personal Responsibility
  • Social Responsibility
  • Global Responsibility

Thereby gently transforming business so that it continues to work, but in ways that are not merely money-hungry, but which are genuinely:

  • Profit Friendly
  • People Friendly
  • Planet Friendly