Green Harmony Home

A page to highlight the work of Green Harmony Home

Are you thinking of building a new house for your family or improving and remodeling an old one? You need to make conscious, informed decisions in each step of the way throughout all design process and in the selection of the materials, constructions and engineering systems for your house. Green Harmony Home Team is to guide you through choices and to enjoy exploring options along the way!

Green Harmony Home provides professional services in design/consulting/construction of green energy efficient passive solar houses.

The mission of Green Harmony Home is to design Green Passive Solar Home with focuses on increasing the efficiency of resource use - energy, water, and materials – while reducing building impacts on human health and the environment during the building's lifecycle, through better sitting, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and removal. We understand sustainable development as our path from where we are now to a sustainable future.

We welcome the opportunity to serve your housing needs by providing value through a satisfying and rewarding construction project, renewing and remodeling your old house design. Green Harmony Home is committed to do its best in accomplishing a “Win-Win” arrangement for our clients.

Hi Olga, I am really pleased to have your participation here at Sola Roof. I have visited your Website and find it full of great information and I appreciate that you and you clients and community are doing so much to teach others that we can make a huge change to global trends when we focus on the Home. I would like to know if you could feature some information on our backyard DIY greenhouse campaign for DIY Food. Also, you are welcome to open a personal Olga Nosenko? Profiles page if you like. - Sola Roof Guy