Recieved plans from Stimson Marine for their Bow Roof Shed plans. It looks usable as a basis for designing the first building. - Bobby

Tell me more about the Bow Roof. Do you have a URL? - Sola Roof Guy

The bow roof is an inexpensive way to build a temporary shed. It is made from wood, so you will not like it. :-) I intend to adapt it by adding bubble chambers on top. I intend to build a 14 by 30 inside, but it will be 20 by 30 outside. The oficial URL is not very helpful - it is an ad for the plans:


This one shows it better:


(Note that their original, cruder vrsion lasted for 10 years.)

I hope this can be our plan for a temporary shelter that is inexpensive and goes up quickly with minumum site prep. This, if it works, would be useful in several situations. - Bobby