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Welcome to the Oil-From-Algae Blog. It is very easy to use - to see a list of all entries click on Recent Changes and look at the pages named by date - the most recently created or edited at the top of the list.

This is a Blog to assist the team here to collaborate and to link with the Sola Roof community, and you are welcome to identify your self as Member? of this Group and/or to contribute by creating pages or commenting on any existing pages of this Wiki Blog. But it is Not A Private Space - it is a place for relevent communications that are open to all; an example of "working openly". You need to request a password bye email if you are not yet a Member of this Wiki.

You can go to any existing Blog pages by clicking on any bold dates shown on the calendar at the right of the page or create a new page for today (today is highlighted) or any future date on the calendar by clicking on the date, which will open a log entry for you...

Please feel free to open a discussion here rather then using email!