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Bobby, I would like to ask you to help write the text for this page, which is a welcome page and links to sections of this group. We can discuss how to build up the content here by creating some Page Names for the main subject areas. The Oil From Algae page is also a page for introductions and links to outside resources like your forum.

There have been many research projects that have reached the conclusion that it is practical to grow algae to harvest for the oil content. The projections are that this can be many times as productive per land area used as any other bio-fuel.

However, no one has ever put algae oil in his car and driven away.

There is an "open-source" project underway to do just that.

Solaroof may lend itself to the production of oil from algae.

Given that the technical challenges of growing algae, harvesting it and extracting oil have been well proven...seems that the current R&D focus is on cost effective systems design. Some open questions on algae production inside a solaroof structure:

-- is it possible to grow algae within a second (inner) roof cavity, freeing the interior for other uses? What kind of structure would be effecient/cheap for this (tubes, plastic sheets, etc.)?

-- what level of "quarantine" is needed to prevent invader species from entering the algae mix? Can the algae be exposed to the open air of the greenhouse interior, or does it need to be in a "closed" system?

-- what companion systems could be used to increase ambient CO 2? levels? ethanol fermentation? mushrooms? some kind of biogas digestion?

-- what non-biofuel products can be derived from algae? omega3-rich oil? green-food? (higher value products would help bring algae-growth systems into the market earlier, with less risk)