Video Record

Here is the video to give you an idea how simple the Sola Roof technology is to implement. This project is custom built from salvaged material at the Lindum recycling and Waste Treatment centre. Congratulations to our Life Synthesis team, Robert, Audun, Anne and our Lindum collaborators, including Ketil Stoknes

We have just started up these systems and there are many improvements to make - the fan is rather noisy and the soap is an ordinary consumer brand, but we have a good first result.

First, there was work on B Gen (bubble generator units) - here is a video report: I think we got it! I will install both machines tomorrow under the roof! few more pipes and we will start with second skin soon!

Here are two new tests from April 25th: (9:20 min) (2:20 min)

Previous tests: (5:50 min)