Open Source

Open Source disclosure is about sharing rather than hoarding information. It provides complete access to the orginal source material so that others can build on that. The information disclosed is probably not public domain since a grant of information to the public domain requires a specific declaration; in general, every original work that you may produce is automatically accorded copyright protection even if it is published. Patent rights are different; the publication of such information can be a bar to obtaining a patent and therefore more discretion is advised if you believe information is patentable but you have not yet applied for patent protection.

Open Source is compatible with the concepts of Intellectual Property, or "IP" and disclosure for sharing of your IP with others has nothing to do with giving away your creative works. These Original Works remain the property of the Author or Authors and thus you have a right to say how your IP is used by those receiving the information. At this Sola Roof Wiki we do that in a general way through the Creative Commons Public License and additionally through a further development of this legal framework by our unique Sola Roof CCPL? which we would like to compose in collaboration with the Creative Commons.

Here are some resources to learn more about Open Source

We hope to see extensive discussions on this subject - especially since there are few developments of Open Source communities that are focused on technology developments. Other communities have developed frameworks for software development and performing arts and writing and graphic works.

The legal framework for science and technology collaboration is in a early stage of development, therefore we in the Solaroof community are in a position to pioneer some of these urgently needed new concepts.

We can have further discussion here in relation to how Life Synthesis businesses would cooperate to create and improve intellectual property and share the benefits across the network and also publicly disclose our know how on an Open Source basis. We also need to sort out the specific Open Source License that we would use.