Wiki Pages

Wiki Pages are created when we use Wiki Words to create a page on a specific subject or topic. We also talk about selection of the best Wiki Words to use to indicate the topic of a page and to use as a Page Name. A page can be renamed if the Page Name seems wrong and a better name emerges. Just copy the content to the new page and correct the links on pages that used the old Page Name so that they will link to the new Page Name. The old page will become inactive and note can be added to the top of the page directing the reader to the new Page Name.

Wiki Pages track edits with the History feature (top right links) and you can see pages that link to the Wiki Page you are currently visiting using the link at the (lower right of each page) called Linked From. All members can edit all pages of a Wiki, so that everyone can participate and contribute. We can create content and provide relevant information quickly, which is the meaning of Wiki - "quick" in Hawaiian.

A Wiki Group can use a Page Name that has already been used in another Wiki Group, because each Group has its own "Name Space". I have thought that one kind of useful Search function could be to find all Wiki Pages with the same or similar Page Name.