Sub Wiki

We welcome members to establish Sub Wiki, which are also referred to as a Wiki Group. The intention is that most of the Sub Wiki here are actually built by Groups, however it is okay to set up a personal Wiki Group - such as I have at Sola Roof Guy. I welcome participation at Sola Roof Guy and you can sign-up at My Friends page.

It is good to work in groups and most WikiGroups here are teams of people that are helping each other to build Sola Roof Projects. Therefore, we want to see Groups formed that will enable more collaboration among members who are active with a Personal Website, an Enterprise Website or any Sola Roof Projects - any of these can set up a Sub Wiki to document their work and share experience and knowledge with the wider community and the public. Remember, all pages here are PUBLIC, because our goal is be transparent and to enable people to learn about Sola Roof and to put into practice our methods for self reliant living and building sustainable homes and communities.