Set Up Page

This is one of the first pages you can create. It provides a list of pages that you would like to create. Just copy the text from the Edit Window of this page and paste it into your Group Name to begin with - then you just click on the ? links that you will see when you SAVE the page. As you click on each of the ? edit links you will open that page. Enter some text and SAVE the page each time. You can get some text from this group by opening the Edit Window for each page of a similar name here where you see a useful format. Thus, the pages of this group can serve as a template for your group. This will give you an initial format and you can then edit the content.

For example get a quick Side Bar here by copying our Side Bar and then changing the text to suit your wiki. Here is a list of the page names that could be useful. Others can be added as we use this page to brainstorm how to best organize our wiki and provide clear and easy navigation within our groups and quick links to other groups that are related. The group Side Bar is displayed in the left column and as you go from group to group the Side Bar will change. Customizing the Side Bar for your group is one of the first things that you can do to enhance the experience of people visiting your wiki.

Here are some PageNames that you might paste to your Group Name page as a first step:

Then SAVE and first click on the ? edit link to the Set Up Page and then paste the list again and SAVE this page. Now you have the list on the right page and you can use it to continue working on opening other pages and gradually creating the content on these pages.

Go back to the Group Name and delete the list since you need to have a special content on this page. You will find that most visitors following your Group Name link from anywhere in our Sola Roof wiki will land on this page. It is their starting place from which to visit your wiki. Your customized group Side Bar will help them to navigate. You can invite visitors to look at your Welcome and Home Page and provide some idea of your mission and theme, or as a Personal Wiki, you can provide a unique personal viewpoint that will engage your visitor's interest.

When you take links from here to your wiki make sure that you change Group Name to your group's name or to Your Name if you are building a Personal Wiki.