Birth 2012 Campaign

This is a strong and significant movement that inspires awareness, engagement and action by people and communities everywhere to "birth" a new world, new story and global unison between people and cultures of the world. This unity in diversity is authentic and based on a newly emerging capacity of humanity to reach a mature, interrelated, intelligent and most importantly, an inter-personal connection based on Heart Coherence?.

The visionary leader of the Birth 2012 Campaign is author, Barbara Marx Hubbard and she has teamed up with internet maestro, global networker Stephen Dinan (founder of the Shift Network) and together they have teamed up with 12 other authors & innovators to establish the Shift Movement with a focus on the birth of a new world, new story, new global family and celebrating on December 22, 2012 this global paradigm shift that is not only happening (whether we like change or not) but needs humanity's co-creative participation to make this birth an evolutionary success. The upside to this future is very positive - a "bright green" world of peace and abundance will be born.

But the downside if we do not make this evolutionary jump is a global crisis that threatens to end life on the planet as we know it - spiralling into conflict and chaos. If humanity fails to reach an awareness and conscious engagement in this planetary transition then "life will hang in the balance"! Humanity is at the tipping point and we are called to action and cooperation that can avert a future that is disastrous on a scale and with a scope that is beyond our comprehension. But what the mind cannot fully grasp our hearts do perceive and humanity's universal success in fact depends on Heart Coherence?. If a significantly large number of people do reach Heart Coherence?, then the whole of humanity can and will rise to make our most valuable transformative contribution: self-aware love for one another resulting in an inner and outer manifestation of peace that enables each person to access the Source; creating alignment with natural truth and knowledge that builds authentic relationships and synergy with each other and deep connection to the Earth with manifestation of new harmony; thereby the Spirit will reveal natural abundance that is intended for all - the Kingdom is revelationary; is at hand and those who see with the eye of the Spirit are giving our Gifts to celebrate this Birth 2012.