Home Page

This page is not so much for visitors as it is for the members of this group to set out some structure and purpose for this group and to have some general discussion that will identify our main areas of interest and topics.

Also, let's make this a DIY group that would offer some really practical solutions that can be produced by an individual or group as an activity that can be implemented without depending on the methods being taken up by some manufacturer. Components would be manufactured but the assembly would be modular and within our capacity to buid as a kit.

This is not a short term plan and I expect that it will take quite some time for all the elements and ideas to be developed and tested - however, it is a really worthwhile project and there seems to be no group that is committed to creating such designs on a Open Souce? basis.

I have also set up the group Wiki Blog - so comments and subjects can be opened for discussion by opening a page for today's date and then writing some initial thoughts on a subject.