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Hi Ed,

I looked over the text of your document and I really like it. The illustrations are much better than mine - so I would be very pleased to replace your stuff for my first efforts. Concerning your text, my feeling is that it is still quite technical and perhaps the series of pages that are linked in the Concept section could be still more introductory and conceptual (educational) and simplified - but as you say - more illustrations. Actually, I am afraid that we are both very technical in our approach and we could assume that readers understand some basic aspects and assumptions that we are aware of but that many readers will not have the slightest idea.

I think that what you have written would be a great series of pages (linked with the Wiki Trails? at the top and bottom of the pages) in the Eco Sphere Design? section:

The text that is on this page now can be moved to another page - perhaps the project Log. I just put the message that is there as a space filler until we could focus on the design issues and subjects. I feel that what you wrote is really good for a series of pages that would have all the links to other pages for detailed description of the the various aspects of the design.

What I would like us to do is to get a good idea of what the difference is between the Concept section and the Design section. The concept section will link to many outside resources and educational/learning links and discussion of the big ideas that are embodied in the Eco Sphere - Geodesic shapes, Tensegrity structures, envelope area in ratio to floor area and growing area, the Controlled Ecological Life Support Systems, the Blue Green? concepts and how these add up to an Eco Synthesys? for sustainable living. The section on Design would go straight to an explanation of the structure, the efficiency of the structure/envelope, the description of the principal components and their inter relationships. These pages would lead to all kinds of further detailed pages on the design and the construction details.

How about using some of your illustrations to replace my crude sketches in the Concept Pages. Bring in some of your text that lay out the basic ideas. Then take some of your more technical text on the structure, layout and components into the Design Pages that can be a section that would look a lot like the Concept pages but with different content that covers the basics of construction issues. I could copy the format of the Concept pages (before or after modifying the text and illustrations) and then substitute the content. I won't worry about the fact that the pages will look like duplicates initially - we can polish the content and formatting of the sections over the next weeks.

Additionally we could use a new section on various projects that will apply the Eco Sphere and these will include details of the development of the space and layout and various systems to optimize the Eco Sphere for the particular building application. I think the Eco Tourism? and ecovillage applications have very good prospects for success. I just came across this example of a dome camp high in the Alps that seems quite successful:

Ed, I think I will start to place these email discussions on the Eco Sphere Log so that we can get other opinions and input and perhaps attract more participation.

I'm having lots of fun with this project

Ed Fasula wrote:

Hi Rick,

Here is how I'd propose we revamp the "Eco Sphere Concept" part of the write up given that we can generate nice 3D illustrations. I hope it is much easier for the new reader to get a thorough understanding of the intent. After you and Lorna have reviewed it I'll try to figure out how to post it if you think it's OK.

I hope you didn't take my comments about your writing as being overly critical. I really find your writing (both in volume and content) to be awe-inspiring, in general, and want to offer my encouragement!

What do you think of the style I used, is it too "unprofessional"? I'm conscientious about trying to keep in line with what will work best for your efforts to find funding and collaboration. Do you think I dwell too long on Tensegrity at the beginning? I titled the paragraphs so that someone familiar with the concepts could pass over them... Maybe they should be on another page?

Also, I'd like to start thinking about the attachment of the double layer. If you have any ideas or examples of what you've done in the past that I may not be aware of, please let me know.