Solaroofguy 20041211

Ed has created some great 3D images of the Eco Sphere and i will post them to a new album tomorrow. We are using Solid Works which has a great viewer for 3D images that can be rotated and provides for comments on the drawings. The message below gives some idea of where we are at. The Album will have to wait for tomorrow - perhaps with the latest version from Ed.

Ed this is fantastic and I know that I can make a great presentation with this. The lower and upper floor levels should have the same dimension as the Top floor area and the pool surface area directly above and below respectively. I have become more aware that with the Dodecahedron is a cube. The upper and lower faces of the cube are the Top floor and the Pool surface, respectively and the corners of these square surface areas are connected by 4 vertical lines, which could be compression members - perhaps 4 more columns. I am not saying to put in these members now, just to be aware of the cube within the dodec.

I really like the perspective views and I wonder if you could send these as a solid works presentation to make a real time moving rotation presentation. These presentations are very effective. I would like the lower, main and upper floors to have a slightly different color - nothing too flashy - just to help to see the edges of the floors during the rotations and in the perspective views. I see that you have made the top floor as a mesh and that is great. This top floor area could be shown in a green color to symbolize the plant leaf canopy. The bottom floor is the surface of the pool. The pool is probably divided into two pools with a division along the plane of the columns. I like the person to give perspective and I think that another person could be placed on the upper floor (or lower floor) as well. There is a different clear height to the ceiling from this floor area - so a guy with the same height could give an impression of the space.

In these perspectives there is no impression of two transparent layers separated by about 0.75 M. This could be a lot of work - so it is a last priority. Even as is I will be able to discuss the project very intelligently with these drawings, which are very professional and will make a great impression. I would also like to have some small thumbnail images that I could use to replace the Eco Sphere representation in my first document, which would be improved with accurate images but would still use the same layout as an introduction. Do you think that this document is okay - are there improvements that you could suggest? I made some changes to the text and I am attaching the latest version.

Thanks so much for fitting in this work - we now have some really good communication tools. I will set up an Album at the Gallery and I have started and Eco Sphere Wiki? at:

Let's build our team there and our principal project workspace and use a related workspace at omidyar to connect with the omidyar community and also participate in the One Village? wiki at the section on the Unity Centers:

That's all for now - and enough for the weekend - if you have some time. It is early morning here. Later, Rick