Your Name

This is a personal page here at the Eco Sphere wiki where we can introduce ourselves and go into our our personal interests, goals and situation in relation to how we can be effective in contributing to the development of the Eco Sphere project.

This is the place for your personal story that will help others to have insight into your vision for Eco Sphere. Perhaps there is a particular application in mind or you dream of making an Eco Sphere as your home. We are also all interested in networking to bring these innovations to the mainstream and to see the concepts used for "Livingry" in the original passionate goal suggested by Bucky - thus to fight poverty and lift up people who are reconstructing their lives after tsunami or other disaster. How will our work here help with such urgent needs? Our personal page is a place to share our efforts to make progress on such issues.

This is a place to get more specific about what we want to do and to also have one to one (but remember this is Not A Private Space) conversations and also to track events and schedule personal interaction with the team. We also have the team Log to talk with everyone on any subject or for coordinating group plans and activities. Our community is an example of Working Openly and for building an Open Source collaboration. Thanks for your participation.