Tensegrity Structure

This page is an introduction and discussion of Tensegrity Structure with links to many outside resources on the structural concepts that are underlying the Eco Sphere Design.

One of the basic steps in visualizing the Dodecahedron Shape as an architectural pattern is to see the cubic space that can be inscribed within the Geodesic Sphere. We work with one of the 5 unique cubes that can be found within the dodecahedron. The cubic space from which we choose to generate the living space within the sphere has all faces aligned with edges of the dodecahedron that point in the X,Y and Z axis of the cube.

Looking straight at any the faces of the cube within the dodecahedron we see only four complete pentagonal faces and one edge which is nearest that aligns with an axis of the cube. There are 6 similar views that show 4 pentagonal faces: Top and Bottom, Front and Back and Left and Right side. These are the views that we use to make our principle architectural drawings showing floor levels and living space within the Eco Sphere.

Looking at any edge of the inscribed cube, we see another major symmetrical view of the Eco Sphere, which is the Diamond Face view where we see one pentagonal face straight on and also the five surrounding pentagons as well as the ten edged outer ring of edges that show an apparent sphere with ten segments.

A view looking directly at any vertex, with a vertex directly opposite, shows the third symmetric view of the Eco Sphere. It is the Diamond Point view and from this perspective we can see 6 of the 12 faces of the Eco Sphere.