Eco Sphere Guest Home

The Business Concept

The Eco Guest Home? is a high profile Eco Tourism? project that can be operated by an extended Family Business? and will host guest parties of up to four in each of 4 separate living suites. This is comfortable and roomy accommodation is located on the Main Floor? and Upper Floor? levels of the Eco Sphere Structure?. Each unit is a fully equipped Living Suite?.

Each Guest Apartment? is offered for Time Share? purchase of 1000 will acquire 2 weeks for 10 years of ownership. During this time the Owner will be entitled to attend 2 two Educultural Workshops?. At the end of the contract the Time Share Owner? will be returned the 1000 investment and additionally receive a share of 25% of the returns above that amount that are generated by the sale of those Time Share Weeks? to the next purchaser, or alternatively the Owner can acquire the Time Share Weeks? offered under the next Time Share Owner? contract.

Questions about numbers: if the building lasts, say, for 10 years, then I (my family) pay 1000 for 20 weeks? Or for 2 weeks? I'm trying to guess how much it costs to build, etc. Would this be in post-tsunami places or also elsewhere? - LucasGonzalez


  1. The building will last for ever but the outer skin would need replacement depending on the type of Sola Fabric that we use - so this is one reason to recapitalize at 10 years. However, the next ten year contract would produce a good financial gain that the Family Business? would re-invest in any upgrades.
  2. As a Time Share Owner? you would be acquiring 2 weeks each year for 10 years for a total of 20 weeks. As explained below, you would also spend 100 per year, which is the discount provided to a Time Share Owner?. This weekly charge is fixed for ten years but the non owner will pay a market price (200 per week or more) for the weeks that are booked. This is a very attractive deal for those want to cap the cost of participating in Eco Tourism? and have the opportunity to reserve Edu Cultural? experiences - since we will ultimately see a network of these Eco B?&B enterprises.
  3. This would be a practical Post Tsunami Vision for rebuilding sustainable homes and livelihoods and the Eco Sphere Guest Home could be a pattern for Eco Tourism? in any locality. The cost to build the structure is about half the capital raised by the Time Share Capital?. The individual Guest Home? enterprise is a member of a Guest Home Cooperative?. I propose that they will buy together and therefore as the numbers of these projects increase the construction cost will go down.

A Post Tsunami Visions Project

The Family Business? will manage the Time Share Weeks? made available by TimeShareOwners? for income on a basis that 25% of the income earned from these weeks will be returned to the owner. Weeks are expected to be "banked" for income or if not then purchased at 100 per week by the Time Share Owners?.

If banked, the the Time Share Weeks? are offered for booking by internet reservation at minimum price of 200 per week for an Eco Tourist?. This Guest Income? will be shared, with the Time Share Owner? receiving 25% and the Family Business? receiving 75%. Therefore the Time Share Owner? who is not using his/her weeks will receive 100 per year and return of original capital with a further 25% share in the capital appreciation.

If at any time the property is sold, then the TimeShareOwners? are deemed to be equal owners of a 50% share in the property value. There will be 50 Time Share Weeks? offered for each of the 4 living suites to net 100,000 for the construction of the Eco Sphere Guest Home. The Family who own and manage the Guest Home? will provide the land and construction labor and will pay all operating costs and maintenance out of their share of the operating revenue.

This is an ethical business investment and all the Eco Sphere Guest Home projects will be linked in a Global community with internet facilities for sharing operational knowhow, for booking and purchasing. Globally the will operate as a cooperative for the construction and management, staffing and training of owners in the best practices that are developed for optimizing the profit and social/environmental benefits of these projects. Each project will minimize operating cost by maximum production of resources within the Eco Sphere. The living expenses for Guests can be charged on a part or full board basis and this is in addition to the weekly price of accommodation.

EcoSphereGuestHomes can be clustered into groups that would comprise an Eco Village?

A One Village? Project