Technical Mission

The Ecoshelter Appeal seeks to raise funds for post disaster emergency shelters that:

  • are easy to transport, erect, use, clean, maintain, dismantle and redeploy
  • are adaptable to different climates
  • are versatile in their application
  • can provide a combination of food, drinking water, biofuel and an income
  • help improve sanitation and prevent secondary diseases
  • provide cost effective solutions to both predictable and unforeseen natural and humanitarian catastrophes

Please contact The Ecoshelter Appeal to donate or to volunteer to help in any way.

The Ecoshelter Appeal

(T) + 44 (0)2920 493100

UPDATE: Ecoshelter and The Ecoshelter Appeal no longer have anything to do with Solaroof, Life Synthesis or Rick Nelson.

For more information, call + 44 (0)2920 493100