General Introduction

The Solaroof Ecoshelters we are developing with Disaster Response Logistics, Life Synthesis & Omni Worldview and other strategic partners are demi-dodecahedrons with a total floor area of 120 M2 that can be grouped into clusters enclosing 500 M2 (about 5000 ft2). In the immediate aftermath of a disaster, they could house up to 500 people.

Solaroof Ecoshelters are light but super-strong. They can be flat packed and stacked into containers. Disaster Response Logistics, experts in transportation and logistics for NGO’s, are advising on how to transport and deploy the easy-to-erect structures.

Solaroof Ecoshelters have thermal insulation to be warm in places such as the Earthquake Zone of Pakistan and Afghanistan. They have in-built climate control systems to be cool in hot countries such as the Tsunami-affected Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia and the famine, war and poverty-stricken parts of Africa. They are both waterproof and watertight. The geometry of these Ecoshelters provides a high strength-weight ratio that can withstand fierce wind by deflecting it around its angles. The shape also makes it strong under snow and ice.