Today we have a meeting of the Tech Dev team from 4 to 6 pm at the Hub (5 Torrens Steet) and I hope to see a few of the team there to discuss the development milestones and tasks and to see how we can begin to alocate some responsibilities and propose a timeline for the activity.

We will also start the meeting with a general review of first principles and design assumptions and set the objectives for the Eco Shelter use and general specs. We cannot become too specialized at this early stage and we do need to choose on particular design to move forward with a Demonstration.

I see the main milestones as connected with physical steps, such as was already suggested at the last meeting - that we should build:

  1. table top model
    • 0.5 M struts
  2. half scale production planning/development model
    • 2 M struts
  3. fullscale demonstration unit (near as possible to a production model)
    • 4 M struts (about 12 M diameter)

I will bring a kit to todays meeting to make a start on step 1 above.