Thrive Ability

I must start this page with a reference to Thrivable website, which also is a wiki. This community of authors is contributing to the discussion of moving on from a vision of sustainability to a more inspiring concept of Thrive Ability. I hope that we can connect with this community, including Jean Russell (@nuturegirl), who is an activist among this distinct community of leadership and foresight in the USA, with links also to Europe. I like the underlying hope that encourages us to imagine a world of the future that will exceed expectations - that can be wonderful and amazingly capable to meet the needs of everyone, without any sense of struggle, creating places where people and planet are thriving, not just surviving.

This is the world that I envision! I know it is possible and the vision calls for everyone to step through the illusion of limitation that vales our thought and keeps us from perception of abundance and the experience of living in alignment with Nature (Creation, God's Will, Best-Self, Spirit). I also call this paradigm shift as stepping into the Kingdom - which is a "rightful" place for every person who is born again to the world of the Spirit and who then may apply the unlimited resources of Hope, Faith and Love to heal inwardly and outwardly and build a world that is at peace and is beautiful in all its infinite diversity to behold.