Eco Village

I have started to write again on this subject since recent discussion with Franz Nahrada, when he brought forward an old Blog message from 2006 in which I did my best to spin a vision of how Sola Roof technology can contribute to a global, social transformation - a vision that the Global Villages network has been pioneering for many, many years.

Now I wish Franz and Global Villages, who have newly established a Group here at the Sola Roof Wiki, a tremendous year of progress in 2012, when our collaboration could lead to awareness, engagement and action on the goals that we share for building these Global Villages, which would be based (in part) on many innovations that our community is attempting to describe and implement under this Group, Eco Habitat.

I always say that Eco Habitat technology is always easier to manage than is the social, human aspect of establishing authentic Global Village Projects, and we aim to contribute technical solutions help progress this very important goal for collaboration to pioneer what I believe to be the "ultimate solution" for Global Challenges.