Brixton TT Discussion

We will keep this page monitored from what emerged at an Easter weekend meeting in Brixton- Dog Star Cafe.If you have a question or a comment please let us know. It would be exciting to hear from anyone out their. You need a password to edit this page, so if you do not have that please email me:

Projects agreed for action asap included:

Form a team around Rick to write up a one-pager on how to debate the potential of "Plant a Soalroof" a 10 times better carbon insurance scheme than plant a tree

Form a parallel team to write up a debating page around Rick's knowhow: how deserts can be turned into all the clean energy gasoline the world's transporation would ever need

Share knowledge with all collaboration entrepreneurs on how to gety connected with 1 million sustainability activists in under 90 days, and 10 other events over the 5 year program Passports to Sustainabhility which ends with millions of people voting in 2012 on whether sustainability futures are now transparent, and actions to take if not

If you attended the real-time Easter meeting please add your name to the list: Rick Nelson, Anne Wirstad, Duncan Law, Tav, Sofia Bustamante, Andrius K, Chris Macrae,...

Q & A : 1 million people collaborations - # link text: Passports to Sustainability

-please insert your email here if you attended this open space meeting at the Easter TT session, or wish to continue in its email debriefs: chris.macrae ; solaroof ; tav; sofia Million people