QCad has proven as hard to get started with as Rick reported Autocad is. I have found "Autocad LT 2005 for Dummies" at a local library. It takes too long to get results. I was able to get results the first night with JFDraw. The book is probably OK if you are being paid to learn Autocad. I have another book requested at the library. I hope it will start faster.

If you are interested in this book and your library does not have this book, it is $25. It is available on http://www.ABEBOOKS.COM for less and earlier editions are even less. None of these will be a perfect match with Q Cad. In fact, the earlier versions are probably more like Q Cad 1.5, and therfore better for our use.

I will report back after I have tried both books. I feel we need an introduction to using a few features for the casual user who wants to make a simple drawing. - Bobby