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This page is a response to the recent thread of email among about 20 people in the Sola Roof circles about the Tipping Point - and we all sense an urgency for action about Global Challenges - but to change how people FEEL about this and to communicate in a way that is UPLIFTING (as Eirc*YL says below) and I would like to say that my personal anthem is Heal The World.

So, WE all agree that the way to do that is to engage with Arts And Theater

A proposal from James Gien Varney-Wong:

Perhaps I should clarify my main vision of the open-source project I am proposing.

I have been staying in contact with Charles Eisenstien and keeping him informed of my progress because my vision is most aligned to his Ascent of Humanity I understand it completely because it is how I have experienced the schism in world for most of my life

From when I first entered university many decades ago and encountered a personal crisis of knowledge to finding Douglas Hofstaeder's Godel, Escher, Bach, An Eternal Golden Braid and especially the chapter on Zen Buddhism I have felt a tension between human beings in the naturalness of being and human doings - the manufactured identity that we have taken on

The history of humanity leading up to the present day is a 9,000 year crisis of separation as human beings have created more and more sophisticated technological systems which create further and further separation

The homesteader of yesteryear or the tribal peoples of bygone ages had direct connection with ecology and economy, the welfare of human homes was not a separate thing from ecology

Today, manufacturing systems separate us so far from nature and manufactures plunder the planet on behalf of the consumer who has been anesthetized and kept focusing on consuming to prop the system up

We are numb to what is happening because the economy / ecology feedback loop once so intimate has been completely severed and we find ourselves knowing the full severity of our problems so late in the game

Charles projects that a crash is coming whether it is sudden and uncontrolled or more conscious and gradual because when the forces of separation continue pushing the seams holding this manufactured society will finally burst once and for all

This is not a bad thing because until that happens we cannot lose our faith in the illusion we have put all our trust into

There are many ways the system can crash economic is one way, For example, Max Keiser is predicting that the bond bubble will burst sometime this year his guess is April

Another potential crash is if we hit tipping points and climate chaos ensues

but preferrably we can have a controlled kind of transition instead because it will be far more gradual and predictable

The vision of this global theatrical production is to disseminate and create community to unify the thousands of fragmented movements out there into one and to offer a concrete migration path to a new local, circular, zero of negative carbon economy

The idea is very similar to what you spoke about in your interview on the Keiser report to create an alternate, parallel, locally-based but globally connected economy to have a simple constitution and to grow it through a global event

If we can have smaller events leading up to the major event we can build up the number of communities.

There are literally thousands of open-source, citizen movements out there already moving in this direction If we can unify them, those numbers can create the beginnings of this economy which both you and I speak of

If we can develop a strategy and in the 1 or 2 years it will take to build the elements of this alternative, parallel economy then by the time we hold the major global event, we can have tens of thousands of communities, maybe even hundreds of thousands already committed on launch day and that will build up momentum for more to join

The key is to build such economies based on cooperation rather than competition that will retain wealth in the community that will actually build communities again

If we can offer people a viable and real alternative it is my belief then tens or even hundreds of millions are prepared to migrate There are so many people suffering under the current dysfunctional system and people have come to accept it as normal but what we must do is create a new thriving, joyful, connecting normal that we all have secretly wished for our entire lives but within the current system of separation has been only been able to be seen with cynicism

We must resurrect dreams long thought dead

The constitution will guarantee that those who join will abide by a new set of rules based upon reunion and not separation that their means of production are local and shared that there is very little inequity that we teach the youth that we receive more when we give that they will adapt biological and ecological means of production where waste = food and, in fact, waste is nonexistent, just like it is nonexistent in nature

As we build up the numbers a positive feedback loop will occur The larger the number of people participating in this new economy the more incentive for people and organizations to jump ship from the old economy to the new one

This is how I see things unfolding We must move there joyously and not with vindictiveness or anger but, as Charles says, with the insight of the role separation has played in our higher evolution as a species

In service of love Gien

Feedback from Eric*YL:

Hm, maybe THIS observance of a NEW MEDIA CULTURE shows why I am so KEEN on the format.

>> GIEN: I think what E is getting at is that youth bring an enormous and > huge impact that is nonlinear and has the power to make substantial change > in an authentic way. Adults are stuck in the same patterns which have kept > us mired in quicksand. And their willingness to participate means that > they definitely want to determine their future. They are aware of the > challenges and they know that they have the most to lose as well as the most to gain.

YES BUT dont get my approach wrong for being only for youth


are Story of Stuff style

And it's been on the NY Times frontpage and it's used by 1,000's of teachers in school

That's all as "formal" and "grown up established" as it gets.


We must not be coined or live up to "serious media" style in CNN or MW style.


There are two old media schools

1) SERIOUS MEDIA, let's say like NY Times

They have proper data (often) but are SO DETACHED that they are so boring and no one will act on their articles. They dont even DA Re? add emotion, because they are considered subjective. Fail. No spirit.

2) TRASH MEDIA like tabloid and fox

They abuse emotions for moving and misleading people and fabricating illusions for deception, politically and commercially and culturally.


are the Golden Middle and yet totally different

They convey proper facts AND include the genuine passion of the changemaker (why else would the changemaker have started? it's what MAKES a changemaker get up, inspire and keep moving)

This is the stuff that inspires, gets people moving.

KEY IS: IT NEEDS TO BE *UPLIFTING* If it's not, it will get lost. Useless.

It's the core of meaningful communication mother to baby among friends among lovers true mentor teacher to student

proper media: UPLIFTMENT in spirit and knowledge

The difference to Positive News media is that positive news report of "yeah, nicely done" but dont empower and equip the reader to take action. It's just luewarm edutainment without real action impact.

But it IS about action.

We experiment on culminating each article with instant take action opportunities from - join in online - replicate locally - forward to practitioners in the field (now or in years to come when u meet them) - forward to multipliers, post posters in education settings, reaching hundreds

READER AND VIEWER FEEDBACK from 6 continents, all age groups and professions


More uplifting feedback and comments:

Hi all,


--- Global event, Teach-in, "You can create the world you wish." expert info on undeniable State of the Earth, + solutions media for people to inform their communities (Bridge from On-Line to On-Site)

--- in a passionate, action oriented form confident (since where it's done we see it work out!) with great value for multipliers in education (teachers and student leaders)

--- in casual format incl after/during the expert talks an ad underneath like: "and tomorrow, we'll show you 3 communities who have solved this!"

  • AGREE. simple, but still it's the first time to be done :)

I am listing here a few potential GEMS I have to add for the cake just so you are aware of them.

1. EXAMPLE OF YOUTH MOVEMENT TAKING CANADA BY STORM INCL MEDIA 2. APPROACH OF THE MOST SUCCESSFUL POSITIVE CHANGE MEDIA MAKERS INCL KNOWN AND LESSER KNOWN (CHALLENGING) EXAMPLE OF THEIR WORK 3. potential friends for finance 4. (informal, friendly) global partner networks 5. Style suggestions based on leading examples 6. Pinnacle event and annual stream 7. Outreach tools to on-site into schools 8. tuned to UN theme days

1) I am sharing the world leading example of young people bringing leading changemakers onto a stage with 100,000 activist youth, in all cities of Canada, with a year long series of actions, summer action academy camps, and now scaling to the USA, with millions watching on tv.

This video conveys the spirit, it is from 3 years agom, all the numbers have risen exponentially, big time.

This entirely youth led organisation has action clubs in 3,000 schools!!! they are historic, especially in the innovations they bring onto the big stage with millions watching, from novel anti bullying campaigns, to idnigenous issues in canada, to patch adams blasting capitalism calling for a revolution of love (25,000 kids cheering!!!) and the power of one etc.

just an example of what works. SPIRIT MATTERS. no need to go overboard in our series but - no dry UN office reporting required.


2) are another partner is opening the story of the entire event, and the design of website and communications. They every year do one campaign for FREE, and we may be able to gain their support for this also.

Please see here, myth & hero are what appeal to the hero inside everyone of us, and it does not reduce the content, rather it for the first time dares SPEAK THE TRUE PASSION guiding all of us. it's not the data ;-).

(I do not agree with the final part of branding Yes We Can and Just do It, since those are also ab-uses for benefit; WE will do truly genuine. But the video shows what the package of the whole thing might be.)

Jonah, Freerange PLEASE scroll this page to see some of their work incl the BIG WINNERS meatrix, story of stuff, but also AUTODESK

because it tells you HOW they truly design COOL stuff around old or boring dry topics.


HOW MAKE design software + sustainability appealing?

“Working on Autodesk was like climbing the Matterhorn in flip flops without any mountaineering training. It was filled with crazy challenges and firsts, and I ate it all up. I <3 you Autodesk.”

3) As concerns friends and maybe friendly financial support

I am in touch with a growing network of young inheritants who represent more than $ 14,000,000,000 and are asking "how can we help the young generation rock?"

IT MAKES MUCH SENSE TO STAY INDEPENDENT OF CONVENTIONAL BUSIENSS PARTNERS - who are super boring in conceptual approach and even website design - dominate with their logos and are yukky unsustainable

4) The series has the potential to RESONATE PERFECTLY

with many global networks.

such as 2015 THE WORLD WE WANT - the official youth platform of the United Nations post 2015 agenda, from MD Gs? to SD Gs? (Sustainable Development Goals)

5) STYLE with True Heroes and Proven Solutions and MAGICAL TOOLS AND WANDS for viewers and users

WHAT MATTERS is the right STYLE.

Not corporate, not boring, not wikistyle BUT PASSIONATE; NICELY VISUAL TOP HONOURABLE EXPERTS AND REAL HEROES incl Polly Higgins, Ecocide etc.


the RECORDED SESSIONS having value for - age 12-18 education - with Action Stuff to take away

YL has developed many attractive media for use by individuals to reach their schools etc. I'll show you the YL booklet probably later today.

I can add UNESCO STATUS with Youth Leader Magazine



GREAT! You mention thematic days and sessions

  • Dont make them too far apart.


and then follow up huddles and pow wows is good, incl viewer submissions of - actions taken - and celebrations

It's like they do with We Day, too.

THEMES for example also, and HOW to connect to specific themes

INDIGENOUS PEOPLE - there are some specific challenges etc and also what's rare is - successful model solutions

  • I have some incl youth leaders in our YL special edition *

so we can also invite through all the indigenous friendly networks that's a lot of people WAITING for hearing solutions (for a change)



  • of Heroes + Solutions*

Example for UN Peace Day

with qr codes, videos, article, interview, action opportunity and teaching tips; articles are online but can also be formatted as book. flip through 40 pages for a good impression, incl qr codes etc again to view videos as you read.


Download, print, post! For $5 ink you reach 1,000 school students over WEEKS and can follow up by adding new theme poster colelctions and thereby keep the PACE going. incl campaigns and take action.




- Water Day

- Youth Day

- Earth Day


= will be the only of ITS KIND and those core organisors should be more than happy. If we get the formst cool, open, sympathetic, I see good chance to become MAJOR PARTNER of those UN event websites *while being completly independent


Okay, I know u r super thinkers who can store this in mental folders

therefore no apologies for info overload ;-)

Love, Eric

> Jonathan, Gien, > > thank you both for this opportunity to open a practical discourse. > > Our friend Gien from South Africa came up with the idea > to create something like a Global Teach In > facing the latest reports on Climate Change that offer > not only inconvenient, but devastating truths. > > The idea is to really turn the emotions that such insights will spurr > into very positive transformational energies. > > I think we cannot loose our time with blaming the "banker rats" and > playing the guilt game, but in fact we have to rapidly unleash the > potential > of a global cooperative economy. > > In order to do that the format of a Global Teach In seems ideal. > This time, it would porimarily not be focused on analyses > but on the building blocks of a new world. > > It was my immediate intuition that this could be a great fit and when > Jonathan, I looked at your appearance at the Keyer Report > AND I saw that my intuition was right. > > > (second half) > > "vertical integration" to link issues and "horizontal integration" > to link communities around the world, thats it. Not just "devestment", > but accumulate social capital for economic change. > > YES WE CAN. The building blocks are mostly there, we > need to go to positive action and reach the youth. Thats why Eric > Schneider > is on board, a great communicator. > > We are still chewing on the bone how to format this time and > contentwise. But my appeal is that we join forces here - there is a lot > of fresh energy that could be drawn together. > > I am preparing 2 events that could immediately and positively > link into such a series of "Global teach Ins". > > "Vienna Open Source Hardware Summit" May 2-4 2013 > > "Monasteries of the Future" May 9 - 12 > > Very soon we have the Solidarity Economy Congress in Vienna > February 22 to 24 with a very big number of people coming together. > Ideal for getting more multipliers, contributors, content. > And thats just a small part of what is happening. > > All it needs is the will to open up to this opportunity and find our > respectives roles in it. > > Franz > > > Jonathan Feldman <> schreibt: > >>Hello, >>Please tell me what your time line is and how you would like us to >>cooperate. >>We are trying to get things going but things have been a bit slow as we >>wanted >>to figure out where and how to get things institutionalized >> and we have been overwhelmed timewise. >> I suggest looking at our website [ >>] >>as I was recently on the Keiser report laying out some ideas. >>Best regards, Jonathan > >

~*~ 'In times of change, some people build walls; others build windmills.' chinese proverb

Eric Nicolas Schneider

Founder/Youth-Leade R? Magazine Official Project UN DESD 2005-2014 (UNESCO) UN Online Volunteering Award 2010/2012 for YL Teams Images and Voices of Hope Award 2012 Bright New World Media

Sola Roof as a catalyst for ACTION - thriving family enterprise with the POD - resilient communities activated by our Sola Roof Coop initiative:

Eric, great to meet you! You are right and I would not be happy to participate in more of the same. But, I and I believe millions of others would appreciate and be excited about presentation of authentic grassroots change that is too disruptive to get recognition from those that have reached a "celebrity" status in the "sustainable development" world. We saw the end of that with the meaninglessness of Rio+20. The "top" has nothing to offer and needs to get out of the way of the grassroots emergence of authentic family/community based solutions. When technology is serving and uplifting effectively the food security, the nutritional health and wellbeing of all people, the local, regenerative production of energy from our so called "wastes" and breakthroughs in shelter and comfort/quality of life (order of magnitude cost reduction delivering order of magnitude increased result - like we do with Liquid Bubble Insulation/Shading) and make all of these skills for production, construction and good practices accessible to all, therefore localizing production/consumption and reusing/recycling - then we have a realistic hope for birthing the new humanity. Resilient communities with this kind of knowhow and skills will become interdependent and cooperative and will snowball true wealth and build thriving prosperity that is not in conflict with nature and the health of ecosystems.

What do your list of experts have to say about such things - not much - but they can be elders and guides and gain the attention of a critical number of people to move these innovations (social/technical) through tipping points and accelerate positive change that can rapidly reverse the compounding negative impacts of the consumer/industrial model due to rapid diffusion, opensource scaling up the adoption/adaptation and the exponential growth of the community change makers and pioneers supported by everyone, when they know what is at stake.

I am not looking for "finished works" we are building this road that we travel as we go. I am looking for authentic people and communities that will see (open their eyes) and support (use their collective voice) and get excited that they can prosper with collective action.

Lets document our good works in progress and therefore accelerate those that have great potential to go big in the way that I describe above.

Thanks for being the change! Please ask your friends to visit our www.facebook.Sola Roof Coop? initiative, just underway and growing rapidly. We can make this a viral discussion and empower our POD Pioneers. Richard (Sola Roof Guy)