Hi Anne - It was a terrific meeting last Wednesday and we are getting lots of follow up done - so I think the Almeria Project will be going ahead quite quickly. The first part will be the Sola Roof Greenhouse? application.

I have just been looking at your Global Ethics page and it is great material. You are really getting to be a wiki author and I just have a few important aspects to point out.

I have just made a couple of corrections to your work on the Wiki. I took the text from the page that you created called Global Ethics? and I copied and paste it into a page that I made called Global Ethics. Then I changed your Sidebar so that Global Ethics link would connect with the Global Ethics page.

I will just explain - you can make any pages from your Personal Website and all of these pages should have the format of AnneWirstad/PageName. Then all of these pages are collected under your AnneWirstad Website and you can see any changes by clicking on the Recent Changes link at the top and bottom of any page. Then you will see all the pages on your Website (I would call it a Wikisite but no one would understand what I mean) with the latest page edited or created at the top. When there is activity on your pages (remember that anyone can comment anywhere they like) you will see this activity as the edits will be listed at the top and you will see when the page was edited and by whom. Go to the edited page and click on history and you will see how the page was changed. You can always revert to the earlier version by clicking on "Restore".

This log is also a separate Wiki Group and if you click on the Recent Changes above you will see the Log entries (most created by date) and when and by whom they were created. The latest edited Log page will be at the top - so if someone has commented on one of your Log entries it is easy to see and you can go there to read that comment.

You have one other Wiki Group and that is your Ecocultural Network? and the group name looks like this EcoculturalNetwork/EcoculturalNetwork and all your pages in this Sola Roof Project? group would look like this EcoculturalNetwork/PageName. Again when you go to any page in this wiki and click on Recent Changes you will see all the pages in that wiki with the most recently created or edited at the top of the list.

Once you get used to the way the Wiki Group system works it is easy to navigate and use. You can have all your personal groups linked from your home page Sidebar and your other groups can also have similar Sidebars so that you and your visitors can easily jump around your part of the Sola Roof Wiki.