Hi Anne, I see you are quickly getting into the wiki way - I was looking at your homepage and the changes you made are great. You could create a more personal page for your homepage that would introduce yourself and have links to your topics at your website. To do this you would want to move the present content of the homepage to a new page. From the edit window you can "cut" the content and then "paste" it into the edit window of the new page. The new page could be called About The Educultural Network? for example.

We are still developing the Log feature so at present you create the Log Pages manually. I do this by going to a log page and then in the Browser "address field" I go to the end of the url that could look like this:


and I change the extension (the pagename)to today's date like this:


Then click on "go" or hit the enter key, which then makes the link to a page that is today's date. That is how I created this page. It is pretty simple. You will see this new page and that I was the author when you click on the Log Activity link in the Sidebar.

In a little while we will have a calendar system that is automated and will also automatically create a "feed" to let people know that your log has a new entry.

I was thinking that the first sentence of the current homepage could read as follows: "Free Spirit Educultural Network is a pioneering new project with the intends to cultivate and knit together a burgeoning network of..."

We will also gradually make it easier to customize you Personal Space so that it is more expressive and distinctive. I am sure that Geoff can help with that. See you later - Solaroofguy

PS: you will notice that when I use my User Name which I go by as a "member" then it is a hyperlink to my Profiles Page. I noticed that you are signing as A Wirstad? - so if you like we change your User Name from Anne Helene Wirstad to the shorter A Wirstad? or whatever username you would like to use. Some communities as people to use "realnames" but I do not see why that is necessary and so nicknames are okay here.