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Hi Andres, Seems that we have the log anchored from the Profiles pages. I would like to try a log that would be used by a group. I have set up the Post Tsunami Visions group with an associated Log. Could you look at this and see how the log system could be used as a tool for group to assist them to discuss things as an ongoing "chat" - with pages organized on a time line automatically by using the calender tool.

I have also thought that a group can use the Calendar tool to organize, plan and make announcements at an Event Calendar, and use a Media News section to record links to Media and record New reports, which would also use the Calendar tool to organize this information on a time line.

The Post Tsunami Visions initiative has been offered support from the Open Coop team. I am discussing with them the development of a collaborative environment that would build upon the work that we doing with Pm Wiki as a base. The local village teams and families will also use the Wiki tool to link back to the London and global support network. This will give birth to the wider Open Eco community that we wish to encourage. In fact Open Coop could be the one to implement the Open Eco goals of supporting a "community of communities".

I am interested in your thoughs. Cheers, Rick

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17 February 2005

13:46 by andres
How to setup wikilog
Create a homepage for your log. It could be in it's own group.
I use Andres Log, which gives a group that shares a common calendar. You could use a naming convention more relevant to what you're doing, eg. Current Events?
Edit your page, and paste the following text into the edit window:

[[$Wikilog]] [[nogroupfooter]]

Create a calendar page in your group, eg. Global Villages/Calendar.
Edit it, pasting the following text:


Create a page called Home Page in your group.
Paste the following into it:

[[wikilognews:YourGroupName/Calendar]] [[$Wikilog]] [[nogroupfooter]]

You'll want to substitute Your Group Name? for your real groupname.
Create a page called Group Footer?. Paste the following text into it

---- [[$Commentchrono]]

If you'd like to link to your wikilog from another group, as rick does from the Profiles group, paste the following into your page in the profile group

[[wikilognews:YourGroup/YourHomePage]] ---------

Make sure you substitute your actual pagenames for the dummies in the example.