Hi Andres - whats up down south?

Lots happening here in London. Whats happening in Chile? I just found an item that says the Tsunami quake is upgraded to 9.3 - second strongest since measurement were taken - the first strongest happened in Chile. I don't recall that event and the article did not say when it happened.

How about the idea of applying this comment window in every page of a Group. I think it will encourage commments. Can it be used without the calendar?

How is the page display in MS Explorer? It sure would be nice for first impressions that there would not be an empty space at the top part of each page. Better if everyone switched to firefox or netscape where everything looks great. I am posting an update at the Yahoo Sola Roof forum.

=>Posted at 20:19 by Solaroofguy

11 February 2005

20:35 by anonymous
Indents are not working since we went to three columns. Can we talk about how to use the right column? or are you too tied up to look at those ideas right now?
20:38 by anonymous
The last post let me comment as annonymous

12 February 2005

02:44 by anonymous
comment as annonymous may be good

-- lucas

02:45 by anonymous
it still asks for my name+password, so it's annonymous but "secure" - is that what we want-need?

-- lucas