Introduction to Havey Rayner

Hi Andres, I have just had a visit with Havey Rayner who is building a beautiful backyard bubble greenhouse - you can see links to photos of his project at his Profiles page. While I was there I again looked at our Wiki on his PC using MS Explorer and it was not displaying most pages correctly. Then today I was visiting a professor at Cambridge University and his old PC and small monitor (again using Windows Explorer) was displaying the page with the text of one column displayed only (first the sidebar, then the page text, then the right columm) and the text was so small it was impossible to read.

It is disappointing to think that many people will not be able to appreciate the Wiki with these display problems. Harvey would like to see if he can help, since he has some website construction experience.

The pace is really picking up and I feel that some important breakthroughs are just around the corner. We might find a "community software development partner" who is very interested in opensource collaboration and learning in global communities. More on that later.

Best regards, Rick

=>Posted at 14:44 by Solaroofguy

25 January 2005

16:00 by LucasGonzalez
Andres, I've tried to see what goes wrong with Internet Explorer (I think it's this Microsoft piece of junk that doesn't work properly), at Solaroofguy Log/20050124