thanks for setting up my log

Hi, Andres - nice to see this development. I think you are using a two column css now so that we can start using this feature sooner. Is that right?

Will this input generate the new log name automatically? Will other entries add comments to the bottom of the page for same day entries? I have a lot of questions but I am also happy to learn by trying - so I will explore how this works and give you some feedback. this is to see how a page edit also works - it is simple for authors to edit their own text - so you can fix an error or take back something you said :-)

Right now I am not on my home PC and I am using ms explorer. I have found that there is empty space at the top of all the wiki pages. It seems that the page content is deplaying below the tail of the sidebar.

I was just thinking that this could be a feature at the bottom of all pages so that people who are familiar with the "comment" style of feedback (common on blogs and emagazine articles etc) could eaily comment on any page - even if they have not registered as a wiki author. - Well I just tried to post this and got a sign in request so I guess the previous thought does not apply for now.

=>Posted at 03:56 by Solaroofguy

18 January 2005

03:57 by Solaroofguy
Rick again, just trying a secondary comment to see how it is handled
05:00 by LucasGonzalez
Just listening to your conversation!
05:02 by LucasGonzalez
btw - I work from Firefox and have seen I get a user-pass window which I must fill in. So no anonymous comments.
Looks great for a community.
05:05 by LucasGonzalez
How can I create my own blog - if that's helpful?
08:57 by andres
Done, you can get at it via your profile page
09:02 by andres
I guess we could just tell everyone to go get anything but exploder if they want to see the wiki. Do the sheep a favor. I don't know enough about css to figure out why it breaks in ie...
14:41 by Lucas Gonzalez
We could add a link somewhere suggesting this works best (or only) with Firefox? Maybe even a banner? http://www.spreadfirefox.com is the place to look, I think.
Andres, podemos escribir en espaņol? :)

20 January 2005

09:42 by Solaroofguy
The wiki looks good in Netscape as well. Andres, have a look a my log entry for today - it doesn't show this comment window at the bottom of the page. Something wrong?
It would be nice if visitors who are not members could add comments (without sign in requirement) to the bottom of any wiki page. This would help to return some of the Open aspect to the wiki (while keeping the sign in) and I do not think that it would attract the abuse that the open page edit function attracts. Do you think that this would be possible?