This 3 column layout is still failing in Internet Explorer. Fixed the Safari bugs. Time to re-do the layout from scratch, testing as we add components to see what breaks it. It doesn't break as a bare-bones layout, so it might be IE's doubled margin bug which doesn't let the .center column fit. Will take advantage of the opportunity to streamline the css for sharing Three Column? with the Pm Wiki community. Got down to about 11C last night. Habanero peppers are NOT happy. They're just for seed, anyway, so as long as i get a couple of peppers we should be ok for next season, if I can keep the cats off them. Why do they choose the most delicate plants to roughhouse in?

26 April 2004

13:57 by Rick?
I wish you had a bubble greenhouse working for your peppers - fresh vegies all winter is a blast.
Too bad IE is such spoiler - in Netscape its looking good, except this message window is floating over part of the right column and covering part of the log entry list.
The titles for the windows (Message & Author) are to the left and if they were above the windows it might just fit the middle column.
Do you have a cold winter where you are. Any mountains, skiing?
17:33 by andres
Doesn't overlap in NS 7.1 mac.
Will install NS win to check.
this is a coastal valley, so no colder than freezing. a bit further up the valley i've seen banana stalks. Probably should try that on a hillside here, doesn't get below about 5C. There's a lift a half hour away, on the coastal range, but doesn't get good snow every year. Down the other side of the range and across the central valley are the Andes mountains, with Portillo being the closest big resort. That's about a two hour drive.
17:34 by andres
the hr in the form is drifting up in the text. lovely.
17:36 by andres
now it's overlapping. that's div.margin
18:13 by andres
and varying top margins.
is each new line an indent?
New line.
18:15 by anonymous
Don't even look at this in Safari. Just broke again. More blather.