Posting from $AuthorLog

To get the timestamp and headline.

=>Posted at 20:51 by andres

I wonder whether people will choose

To post from edit or from the forms. Edits end up where the author inserts the cursor, form replies at bottom or at top. Oh, wait, you posted from the $AuthorLog page. Please see my note at bottom.

Just gives people another option

I like the way it automatically creates a page for a new day. But that's just me. YMMV.

=>Posted at 20:38 by jr?

Post to $today

Writing from Author Log?. This is confusing, since *most* people won't immediately associate it with their Home Page, especially since that's also a valid Page Name?.

=>Posted at 20:25 by andres

Starting a new day. But it's (a) still night now. Dawn soon. Rained hard again. Now we need to sow crimson clover and rye and perhaps vetch on the mounds which are finally moist enough. Try it with a rake. Poke around, sow a handful, rake, tamp.

Trebol y centeno.

22 April 2004

03:21 by andres
I really miss the title form input. It makes it easier to separate into discrete chunks of info. It's use can be optional.
03:23 by andres
But now that i see it, perhaps it's not necessary. The time stamp is enough.

And if i want a heading...

It's there.
03:24 by andres
!!!!Or rather here.
This works really well.
03:26 by andres
!!!!Actually, it doesn't. Why?
Because of the indent. Is it a blockquote? No, probably a li. Let's go see...
03:29 by andres
dl, dt, dd. ok then.
and an indent .div
03:31 by andres
So how do we do an H*?


publish class on submit button.
03:32 by andres
Maybe if it's on the second line?

Second Line

06:05 by Solaroofguy
Hey Andres, you are up early. Spring is finally coming here in London - 20c on the weekend.
I will see how this attaches to your page. I like the time stamp and author. Unlike the edits in the Wiki my username is not automatically appearing below.

This edit is from the "edit page" window and my username has automatically appeared in the Author field. We got some nice comments from some Meatball members (see my log) - later... Uh, I see after saving that it is not time stamped - you get that only by using the comment box...nor is the author of the edit identified but is problably captured by Recent Changes.

07:15 by Solaroofguy
Hi Andres, I was just out for a walk - went by the Library where they have MS explorer P Cs? and I am making this entry from there.
On Netscape at home the three columns are working fine but on this pc the right sidebar is not displaying and the calender and log entries are actually appearing in the center column right below this comment window.
The comment window is nicely framed inside the middle column while in Netscape it is floating and is okay but is partly into the right sidebar space.
The calendar below looks nice, displaying light green and today in yellow. It is a good size but it looks like the "empty" right sidebar might be slightly to narrow.
07:17 by Solaroofguy
Oh! there is also a very big blank space at the top of the page - so much that at firs I thought there was nothing on the page at all.
07:57 by andres
We develop first for the mozilla browsers, (Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox), because they are the the most widely used browsers that follow the spec. Then, tweak for Opera, which is even more compliant, but a bit less forgiving of coding errors, an then when everything works, we start to add css hacks for IE. Within IE, IE 6? behaves differently from 5.5 and from 5 and from 5.2 mac, so they all need hacks that target specific browser versions. That's why this process can take so long, and why you can only see this page display (almost) properly in Moz/NS right now.
20:45 by andres
Auto creating a new page is great! I love it. I was mumbling about how to name everything so it's easy for authors to get around
21:59 by jr?
Well, you could put $Wikilog in the Group Header and $Commentchrono in the Group Footer. The first posts to the top of today's page (and creates a new page if needed); the second posts to the bottom of the current page. But it might be confusing to post on one page and get taken somewhere else, which is why I put it only on the $AuthorLog page.
And the original Pm Wiki stdlayout.css will take care of the .indent class for indenting paragraphs.
22:23 by andres
Thanks! Now it's time to sleep. tomorrow is an early day. Tomorrow night we can get this finished.
22:24 by andres
That's odd.
Do you see multiple forms?
22:25 by andres
why is it inserting the edit somewhere before the end of the text?

24 April 2004

23:40 by jr?
It writes new posts above $Commentchrono and got confused by finding the one embedded in the entry for 21:59. This is a pathalogical case which won't normally occur. One hopes.