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Welcome to the Sola Roof Wiki!

Sola Roof is a global community of collaboration that experiments with new ways of building, gardening and shaping our environment - around one central idea - the Closed Ecological Environment (CEE) - that offers Open Source regenerative food/energy/water solutions for building together a future of abundance for all.


Join us at the PODnet to work along with the local to global PODpioneers as we engage with thousands of families and communities. Participate with Plenty4All and learn about humanitarian activities that you can support that range from urban regeneration in the USA to family food security in Kenya - The POD Fresh Food movement for food security and safety is now more important than ever due to incidents like the BP Oil Disaster, which together with toxic agriculture is creating Toxic Oceans - and the Nuclear Disaster in Japan presents a new threat of Radioactive Contamination of the food chain - there is one way to be safe: grow your own food!


The Sola Roof Goal encompasses ways:

through an Open Source initiative for Sustainable Living sponsored by and based on the work of Richard Nelson and other pioneers of the Liquid Bubble Insulation and Liquid Solar technologies.

Our focus in 2016, is on mobilizing PODnet collaboration/cooperation with all speed, acting before all of humanity is overwhelmed by Global Challenges. Together, WE can activate our families/communities, to literally BUILD the Sola Roof Coop as a multitude of POD Pioneers join in the development work.

To ACCELERATE our work we invite everyone, everywhere to participate and support the first AgriPOD now under construction in Iceland. Beginning with the introduction of our POD Net Plan on Earth Day 2015, we have seen much progress. Your participation is essential - be the change, be a PODpioneer! If you care enough for LIFE, we can Heal The World!

The reader must note well that Sola Roof is information shared under our Wiki Authoring License is based on the work of the inventor and Sola Roof Community members. Our results to date include several operational field units that show promising potential and we encourage the scientific and university based students and researchers to collaborate with our DIY community. Program administrators should understand that projects using the information from this website have an ethical obligation to report results with open disclosure to this community who stand ready to cooperate with government initiatives to fund serious scientific investigations and studies for Global Challenges.

Together, we will build a knowledge base and share our experience with real world projects. This Sola Roof Wiki will provide a means to collaborate, build relationships, find support for personal change and an opportunity for business networking as we use the Blue Green concepts for transparent roof systems to create ecological, "living structures" which provide comfortable, efficient and sustainable shelters for people, plants, and livestock.

In this Wiki, you will find sections where we are developing our Sola Roof Community; the Sola Roof Tech area for DIY plans for Do-It-Yourself construction; the ideas and concepts of the non exploitative Gift Economy, and a burgeoning Open Eco Community in which to participate, learn, and share your knowledge. Join our Hangouts On Air at our SolaRoof Channel via YouTube.

Here are few pages for you to start learning about Sola Roof:

You are invited to participate in building the content of this knowledge base. Here is an introduction to the use of this wiki, which is a Pm Wiki:

We hope you enjoy this wiki, and encourage you to visit the Yahoo Solaroof Forum, where you can ask questions related to the Solaroof concept, as well as our Gallery where you can view images of Solaroof designs and projects.