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- these are sites participating in the 2011 DIY Food Campaign, with the goal of participating in our day of celebration of family food security and safety on 11.11.11

Sola Roof Projects

  • This is the place to list your project plan or experimental work and do some team building if you need support to design and build your project - let us know what you are doing and keep us updated on how it is going.
  • You can describe your completed projects and give us operational updates. Create your own SolaRoofProject Wiki Site to post pictures, share experience, blog and generally interact with the entire community.
  1. Lively Up Greenhouse - built by Ross Elliott? & Kat Elliott - This is a HomeStead project using a Tunnel Structure.
  2. Wrentham Solar Bubble Build - built by HarveyRayner - This is a Tunnel Structure in England.
  3. Post Tsunami Visions - initiative of the Global Vision 2000 network - to develop a new pattern for sustainable renewal - our first project: Sri Lanka Vision.
  4. Green Church Initiative - by Richard Nelson - this is an initiative to see Green Churches built as an expression of faith in action
  5. Open Source Ecology - Backyard office sustainable house demonstrator, featuring a closed loop water system and Sola Roof technology
  6. Almeria Project - commercial greenhouse demonstration project in Almeria, Spain featuring a closed water systems and cooling technology using Sola Roof technology
  7. Eco Sphere Project - a tensegrity structure of spherical or egg shape that will demonstration Closed Ecological Life Support Systems (CELSS) featuring a self contained pond and biomass system.
  8. Proyecto Canarias Inicio - the Canaries Project - self reliance in food, water and energy for Tenerife and other Islands of the Canaries.
  9. Eco Village Ghana - initiative of the Master Drummers of Africa - a new pattern for Eco Living in harmony with the beat of life.
  10. Oil From Algae a group with the purpose of developing integral Mass Algae Culture systems as an option for most Sola Roof projects.
  11. No Name Yet a project to develop designs and implement them for SolaRoof residential space in a desert environment.
  12. X Tent a project to develop designs and implement them for SolaRoof portable and nomadic structures.

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