I have uploaded a new YouTube video report on progress with the POD Prototype now under construction at Greenfire Farm. The structure is now substantially finished and the next stage of work will focus on the construction of the internal system of liquid tanks under floor and soap reservoir plus central aquaculture tank and then to finish our Liquid Solar Tech and Bubble Tech system, including the plumbing, pumps and B Gen units tested and ready to install. More videos will be posted soon.

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September 2012


  • 30.09.2012: At left.
  • 22.09.2012: Dear Sola Roof friends, I will be visiting at greenfire Earth Regeneration Center, at Greenfire Farm near Athens, Ohio for the next few weeks. Our extended greenfire/SolaRoof team is nearing completion of the POD Prototype - which will lead soon to availability of the POD Kit - this Open Source technology will enable families and micro-enterprise to build POD projects.

Sunday, 30 September 2012