On this day we have all day workshops and celebration of progress with our rapid prototype of the POD development, with the POD Prototype open house and an internet conference connecting international action teams with our site during the morning (our time) and then a solar lunch (using the Greenfire Farm solar oven) and followed by afternoon workshops, discussions and demonstrations of Sola Roof technology.

This is a work in progress and we will take this day to appreciate each other and clarify our common ground and purpose with old and new friends. There will be an evening pot luck diner and evening music and fun. If you would like to attend please contact: R.E. Hogan Cell: 1-740-664-4028 - email: greenfirecenter [at] gmail dot com

This day will set in motion our plan to establish a Kickstarter Project for the purpose of creating the POD Kit and establishing the Sola Roof Coop to build up the community of POD Growers. The COOP Members will establish a network, including members who would like to represent, teach and provide technical support to the community as it expands rapidly. This open organization approach is a strategy to enable the POD Kit to "go viral" and become a common household activity and enterprise opportunity.

Several groups at sites around the world are following closely our progress at Greenfire Farm with the purpose to soon replicate our POD using similar DIY construction or becoming first adopters of the POD Kit prefab components. We have confirmed visitors from afar and from near. Everyone is welcome for the afternoon and to stay for potluck (please bring food or put some money in the pot). The morning program is only open to invited guests and to come to the solar lunch please call to confirm with Richard Hogan.

This day will be an important milestone for our DIY Food Campaign and the goal of contributing to family and community food security and health. Please participate as you can - we need much support to breakthrough with these solutions for people everywhere who are or will soon be in a food crisis caused by the failure of current agriculture that is aggravated by End Of Oil and Climate Change.

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July 2012


  • 28.07.2012: At left.
  • 11.07.2012: Today is the start day for the POD Kit development project. Check out our Start Up Plan and feel welcome to contribute - our success with this initiative is possible only with your participation. The goal is food security for families and communities everywhere. Please consider forming a pioneering group to work along with us to co-create the solution that will enable Re Generative Food Water Energy and build a future of abundance for all!
  • 04.07.2012: We are having some fun with Sola Roof projects the USA during this summer. I hope you connect with bubble greenhouse builders in Athens, Ohio where, at Greenfire Farm (organic and permaculture) operated by Richard Hogan, we are collaborating, working openly and building community during "the Summer Of Re Generation 2012". As a catylist for this activity, we are now building a 16' x 20' "POD" (interior) greenhouse with a 2' bubble cavity. The team includes friends from Detroit and bubble generators are getting built in Michigan and Ohio. If disruptive climate change weather patterns allow we will have an startup event on the 28th at Greenfire Farm.
  • 02.07.2012: Today, July 2, is the first day of an 8 day gathering of over 600 pro-corporate representatives from a dozen nations in San Diego. Their goal is to push for a Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a pro-corporate globalization treaty that if passed, would cede American sovereignty of land and law to corporations.

Saturday, 28 July 2012